FSS Program (Section 8 Only)

Apply for FSS (Section 8 Participants Only)

The FSS Program is a voluntary resource & incentive savings program that can help you climb the ladder of success.

How high could you climb?

For a printable version of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program brochure (which includes all content as listed below), click here. 

Participation in the FSS Program is limited to current participants in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), or Section 8 Project-Based Assistance Program.

What Is Family Self-Sufficiency?
  • Supportive Services
  • Saving Money
  • No Penalty!
  • Commitment
  • Desire
Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary resource and incentive savings program designed to help Section 8 families ease off of government subsidies and transition into a life of social and economic independence and self sufficiency. It involves the Head of Household signing a five-year contract with the Housing Authority and dedicating themselves to working toward completion of specific goals.  

CommitmentAll Family Self-Sufficiency participants must sign a Contract of Participation and make a commitment to become employed, and economically independent within five (5) years. During the (5) year term, the FSS Participant works and/or attends school and training programs that can assist them in achieving their goals. The FSS Program assists in securing the resources to help the family overcome obstacles that may prevent them from achieving their goals.

Financial Incentive - The Escrow!A financial incentive may be available through the establishment of an Escrow Account. An Escrow Account is a special savings account held in the family's name by the Housing Authority. Participants in this program can build upon a special savings account that is made up of funds deposited by the Housing Authority.

Whenever a family experiences an increase in earned income from working, which affects their rental payment the Housing Authority matches a portion of that increase by depositing HASBARCO funds into that savings account. When the FSS program requirements have been completed, the family will receive the balance of that savings account to use as they see fit.

There Is No Risk to You!Family Self Sufficiency Participants will not lose their Section 8 assistance if they find that they cannot meet the commitments of their FSS Contract of Participation. FSS Participants may leave the FSS Program at any time without losing their Section 8 housing assistance and will not be penalized for making an effort to become self sufficient. However, participants who quit the FSS Program, fail to meet graduation requirements, or are terminated from housing assistance for program violation will not be eligible to receive the Escrow Account, and any monies would be forfeited.

The Ideal Candidate: 

  1. Will have the desire to be free of welfare / government subsidies.
  2. Will be committed to reaching their goals.
  3. Will be determined to overcome obstacles in their path.
  4. Will be willing to learn and attend education / training programs.
  5. Will be in compliance with Section 8 Program Obligations.
  6. Will be willing to work to increase their earned income to the best of their ability.
FSS Fun FactsThe HASBARCO has successfully graduated (36) FSS Participants since 1999, and (12) of those families have moved into homeownership.

The HASBARCO has disbursed more than $274 thousand dollars in Escrow funds to FSS Graduates.

Participation in the FSS Program is limited to a specific number of clientele at any given point in time.  Therefore, interested persons must first apply for placement on the FSS Waiting List. (Typical wait time is approximately 3 months). If you are interested in participation in the FSS Program, you will need to complete the FSS Application Form below, and return it to your local housing office addressed to the attention of the Resident Services Program.

Resident Services Center
204 W. Williams Street
Santa Maria, CA 93458

Phone: 805-925-4393, ext 3307/3308
Fax: 805-925-0922