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Resident Services

Resident Services strives to provide supportive services and programs that can help HASBARCO assisted clients improve their quality of life, achieve self-sufficiency, and/or maintain their independence and age in place.

To participate in a Resident Services Program, a family must be currently receiving housing assistanceand/or living in a Housing Authority Owned or Managed Property, that is designed to receive Resident Services.

While the Center is located in Santa Maria, the department strives to provide services to all HASBARCO residents. Resident meetings are held in each local housing area and all HASBARCO residents are invited to participate.

Available Resident Services and Resources 
Please visit our Resident Resources page for details.

The Resident Services Program is continuously seeking additional services and resources to meet the needs of the clientele we serve. The following is a listing of currently available services/resources that may be available in your housing area.

  • Education 
    English for Spanish Speakers (ESL)
    English Literacy for Adults
    GED / High School Diploma
    Vocational Education and Training
    Post-Secondary Education
    Computer Skills Training

  • Employment 
    Employment Preparedness
    Job Training
    Dress for Success
    Resume Assistance
    Vocational Education
    Job Search Assistance

  • Health/Disability
    Medical & Dental Services
    Prescription Cost Assistance
    Mental Health Services
    Chemical Dependency
    Activities of Daily Living
    Emergency / Disaster Training
    Nutrition and Wellness
    Food Assistance

  • Finance and/or Homeownership
    Financial Literacy Training
    Credit Counseling
    Tax Preparation Assistance
    Homeownership Education
    HUD Counseling Certification
    Mortgage Credit Certificate

  • Child and Family Services 
    Early Child Care
    Afterschool Programs
    Summer Activities for Youth
    Summer Child Lunch Programs
    Parental Training
    Family Counseling