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Occupancy Standards

In order to prevent underutilization of space and permit efficient and economical use of scarce housing resources, the following standards will determine the number of bedrooms required to accommodate a family of a given size:

Occupancy Standards for Housing


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 1
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 2 


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 1
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 3


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 2
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 5


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 3
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 7


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 4
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 9


  • Minimum Number of Persons: 5
  • Maximum Number of Persons: 11

  1. Such standards may be waived when a vacancy problem exists and it is necessary to achieve or maintain full occupancy by temporarily assigning a family to a larger size unit than is required. Such family should be transferred to the proper size unit as soon as one becomes available. In no event should wavier action be taken to assign smaller units to families than established in the maximums. 

  2. If because of a physical or mental handicap of a household member or a person associated with that household, a family may need a unit that is larger than the unit size indicated by the guidelines listed above, reasonable accommodations to give such a family the opportunity to apply for and obtain such a unit, must be made. 

(Amended March 31, 2021)