Outgoing PortabilityWhat is Required in Order to Move Out of Santa Barbara County?

You must be in good standing here with the rules & regulations governing the Voucher Program before your transfer can be approved. This includes:

  • Paying off any debt you may owe the Housing Authority
  • Complying with your current rental agreement regarding giving notice to vacate
  • Providing income & family composition information requested to update your file
Incoming PortabilityHere's a summary of how moving to Santa Barbara County works!

  • You must fulfill all obligations to your current Housing Authority before your case worker there can approve your transfer and send us your file. Upon transfer to our jurisdiction, all of our rules, policies, payment standards and occupancy standard apply. We will conduct a background check for all drug-related or violent criminal activity in the last 3 years.
  • We provide subsidy for the County of Santa Barbara ONLY. The other Housing Authorities in Santa Barbara County are: Santa Barbara City Housing Authority.
  • You are responsible for determining if the area meets your needs. Items to consider when relocating include: Employment, transportation, utility costs, weather, schools, etc. Do your homework before you request a transfer! Because of our desirable location, Santa Barbara County customarily has a low vacancy rate and high rents. You will want to use additional resources such as classified ads, property management companies, etc., to aid in your search.
  • Upon receipt of your file, you will be contacted within two weeks to schedule an orientation meeting. With careful planning, you can experience a smooth transition to the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara.
NOTE: HASBARCO is currently only billing for incoming portability.

You must use your Section 8 voucher to live in the County of Santa Barbara for at least one year.

Portability Contact

Celina Ochoa
805-736-3423 Ext 4005
email Celina Ochoa

Mailing Address:
PO Box 367
Lompoc, CA  93436

Physical Address:
815 W Ocean Ave
Lompoc, CA  93436