Escalante Meadows

Project Name: Escalante Meadow
Project Address: 1035 - 1096 Escalante Street Guadalupe, CA 93434
Owner: Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara
APN: 150-230-038
Lot Area: Existing: 7.45 Acres, Proposed Area: 8.96 Acres
Population Served: Family
Type: Demolition of Guadalupe Ranch Acres / New Construction of Escalante Meadows
Total Units: 80
Parking: 194
Project Description:

The project involves the replacement of the existing 26 dwelling unit buildings comprising of 52 single story rental units, and one Community Center with ten (10), Type V-B construction, two-story apartment buildings for a total of 80 affordable rental units, one Community Center, and associated amenities.

One covered and one uncovered parking space will be provided per unit and 32 spaces are allocated to the Community Center. There are a total of 192 parking spaces on a paved, surface parking around the perimeter of the property.

The project's amenities focus on the large, 2 story Community Building with elevator access to the second floor. The Building will host a computer lab and clinic, wellness clinic, resident and community services center, offices, meeting rooms, children's center with outdoor (and partially shaded) play area, raised-bed gardening plots, commercial kitchen and great room, and support space for residents.

Other common area amenities include a large children's playground, sports court, community playground, BBQ/picnic area, bicycle racks, and additional raised-bed community garden space. In addition to Staff offices, the project will include a 1,125 square foot on-site maintenance building.

The project will be developed in accordance with the minimum requirements of the GreenPoint Rated Program. The project will have solar panels as well as energy efficient windows, awnings, and overhangs installed. A Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) infrastructure will be provided on site. In addition, there will be short-term and long-term covered long-term bicycle parking and approximately 8' wide multipurpose train around the perimeter of the property.