Cypress and 7th - Site Plan


General Notes - Floor Plans
  • Exterior building walls are dimensioned to structural face of concrete slab and/or sheathing. Edge of slab aligns with face of sheathing, typ.
  • Refer to Civil for grading at accessible parking and curb ramps.
  • All Curbing not within a parking space shall be painted RED to designate the fire lanes.
  • Contractor to review landscape plans to avoid conflicts between plantings and utilities, i.e. meter locations, electric transformer, backflow preventers, sewer lines and electric conduit (pole lighting at driveway), etc.
  • The site is to remain trash-free throughout construction. Recycling implementation and monitoring shall comply with CalGreen Code requirements.
  • Refer to Civil Plans for erosion control and dust control during construction.
  • Refer to Public Works Submittal for off-site improvements (any work shown in the PROW is for reference only).
  • Refer to Electrical Plans for exterior lighting plan and specifications (arch. shown for coordination purposes only).
  • Refer to Arborist Report for tree protection requirements including fencing, irrigation and cutting.
  • Rent Controlled units are #201 (low/moderate) and #304 (very low) in compliance with condition P52.